How do you remove a state tax lien which was discharged in Ch 7 bankruptcy 3 years ago?

A state tax lien is when the state places a control on your property that allows the government entity to have full power to foreclose on your property at any time and sell it in an effort to settle a long time debt from the individual who has had significant time to pay back his/her dues, but hasn't. The lien allows them to do so even when the debtor doesn't even live there anymore, so try not to buy a house with a lien on it. Unfortunately, there is really nothing you can do about getting rid of a tax lien against your house. The lien can only be placed and/or lifted by the state government or federal government. Even when your debt is settled by other means, the lien can still be left on your property. You can probably consult with an official of the state and prove to them that your debts are settled and you wish to have the lien lifted, but the whole process could take awhile.

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