What are the disadvantages of money?

Money has all of the advantages in the world, allowing us to buy what we need and want, while also providing us with a social infrastructure. With that said, money does have its fair share of disadvantages. When someone makes a lot of money, that money can lead to unwanted attention, or perhaps fake attention. People with less tend to gravitate to people with more, especially in low income areas of the world. Also, being able to make a lot of money causes those to become more interested in making more money. More money means you can purchase more goods due to extra disposable income. Money can also make people selfish, as there are some studies that show that people with more money are more selfish towards giving to charity than those with less money. More disposable income also means people are at risk to purchasing goods and services that are over-the-top and/or are a waste of money to most people. Now obviously this doesn't apply to a lot of people, but those are some of the disadvantages money can bring to certain people.

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